Thank you, Thank you, 97,796.96 thanks

We can’t say thank you enough!

Because of our listeners coming together, we as a team raised $97,796.96 during the Children’s Miracle Network Radiothon for University Medical Center.

My thanks to City Bank for their title sponsorship as well as, Wal-Mart, American Roofing, Glasheen Valles & Inderman and Whataburger for helping make miracles happen this year.

I work with amazing people

I am surrounded by talented people who want to help kids.

Jeff, Megan and Mudflap… what can I say? Wow and Thank You!

Keith Corbin who came in at the last minute for a phone issue that would have kept the Radiothon off the air… Thank You!

Kris Mason who helped craft some incredible vignettes this year… Thank You!

My tag team partner for this last 8 years for CMN who left but kept listening and helped record interviews for this year Kate Raines… Thank You!

Kathy Reasoner and the entire CMN staff who help us find the stories, help us meet the parents and doctors and make miracles happen… Thank You!

Scott Harris & Jay Richardson who 22 years ago took a chance and said “Let’s do it!” when Rose and Kristy came to us about starting a Radiothon… Thank You!

To the ones we have lost, CMN Radiothon President Bob Lind, who told me we’d raise 60K that first year and my response was, “well you don’t know the heart of West Texas” , to Tony Alexander who when some of us were down when the phones wouldn’t ring would just center us with, “if we raise just $1 Sean, we’ve helped the children $1 more than yesterday,” … Thank You

Our interns over the 20 years, who missed classes because they would rather be helping us, shame on you for skipping… but Thank You!

To our families who put up with our questions , so many questions , that made them laugh , made them cry and helped them tell THEIR story… Thank You!

The kids, just KIDS who scraped together nickles, dimes and pennies to help our kids at UMC… Thank You!

The Alpha Media Lubbock staff who came together as a family to help us make miracles happen… Thank You!

For that we can’t thank you enough.

To my wife Joanna, thank you for never letting me give up, who made some great friends because of the Radiothon and always being my rock… Thank You!

My kids, Shelby and Ryan, we did this for you. We wanted to make sure that if you were ever hurt, ever needed anything… you could go to UMC.

20 years… 3.9 Million miracles…

Our listeners, what can I truly say to you? Over the last 20 years, you’ve helped University Medical Center become the place you can count on with $3.9 MILLION DOLLARS of support.  On behalf of the entire Alpha Media – Lubbock team and KLLL , may God Bless You and THANK YOU SO MUCH


Sean Dillon
Executive Producer
KLLL CMN Radiothon



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