ABC RadioIf you keep up with Luke Bryan’s wife, Caroline, you know she lives for a good prank. So much so, in fact, that she’s sharing a Bryan family tradition known as the 12 Days of Pranksmas — and the 2019 edition is off to an epic start.

“Here we go… Day 1!” Caroline captioned an Instagram video of the incident, which she named “Trashy Tammy Takedown.”

You never know who’s the target during the 12 Days of Pranksmas, and this time, it’s Luke’s mom, LeClaire.

The incident starts as Luke and his mother are outside on a grassy hill talking, as LeClaire smokes a cigarette. Fairly quickly, a large woman in cut-off jeans and a sleeveless t-shirt approaches, as Luke yells, “Mama, that’s that girl!” and starts running away.

LeClaire — who’s about half the size of the woman — follows, trying to block “Trashy Tammy,” who’s chasing Luke and begging him, “Come here!”

Tammy tackles Luke and starts rolling around on the ground with him, shouting things like “I just want to hug him!” and “He’s beautiful!” The tiny LeClaire throws away her cigarette and climbs on top, trying to pull the woman off her son.

A man who appears to be a police officer rescues Luke, just as Caroline comes to check on him. After she makes sure her husband’s okay, she approaches “Trashy Tammy” like she’s ready to fight.

Just then, you hear Luke say “MAMA! Twelve days of Pranksmas!” as they both collapse, laughing. Ever a good son, he makes sure LeClaire is okay…as she warns him not to ever do that again.

A second, behind-the-scenes video shot earlier reveals that “Trashy Tammy” and “Officer Daniels” were both in on the joke.

Stay tuned to see what’s next.    

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