Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for CMT/ViacomThomas Rhett and wife Lauren Akins walked the red carpet arm-in-arm Wednesday night in Nashville, as TR was honored as one of CMT’s Artists of the Year.

“In the beginning…anytime I ever got nominated for anything, me and Lauren were just like, ‘How is this even happening?’” TR recalled. “And still to this day…it’s really mind-blowing…”

“Because we don’t see that part,” Rhett explained. “All I see is the songwriting, and being on the bus, and playing shows. And I don’t think you understand what you’re actually doing out there, and how many people you’re playing for, and how [your] songs… resonate with people.”

Lauren revealed it was “definitely out of [her] comfort zone” to step onstage to present the honor to her husband.

“I don’t know that I was born to do what he was born to do,” she reflected, “but I’ve got a good teacher. I’ve been able to watch for seven years, and he’s the best support system I could ever ask for.”

Back home, three-year-old daughter  Willa Gray was staying up past her bedtime.  “She knows we’re coming on TV and she does not want to miss it,” Lauren smiled.

Looking glamorous as she’s expecting their third daughter, Lauren revealed she seems to be getting a break from the sickness that’s plagued her during this pregnancy.  And while she and TR have yet to celebrate their recent anniversary since the end of his tour last weekend, Lauren doesn’t mind. 

“We wanted to spend some time with our girls because it’s been a lot of travel for everybody,” she reasoned. “So I think we all just needed a good breath at home.”

“Needed a good Halloween movie, Halloween cookies, the whole vibe,” TR offered.

Their movie of choice? Hocus Pocus.

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