Edgar Evan Moore IVYou’ve followed the instructions. You’ve done the dance.  But now, the official video for Blanco Brown’s viral hit “The Git Up” premieres Friday at 6 a.m. on MTV, CMT, BET, and on a billboard in New York’s Times Square.  Not bad for a track that Blanco says he created just to make people smile.

“I just feel like my energy on the song was so great and inviting, that it was easy to follow directions from someone with so much joy and positivity,” Blanco tells ABC Radio about “The Git Up” dance.  “The world needs something to smile at and to be joyful about.”

As Blanco explains, “The Git Up” dance incorporates traditional country line dancing steps like the “cowboy boogie” with his own flavor.

“I’d be out here lyin’ if I told you where the ‘whoo hoo hoo’ came from,” he laughs. “I just felt that at that moment. I don’t know what got me to do the heels and the hands at the same time. It just happened!”

He goes on: “I was practicing the steps as I was writing …when I got finished writing…I ended up dancing through the whole song.  And I almost passed out!” 

While the song’s title doesn’t appear in the lyrics, Blanco says “The Git Up” was inspired by his grandmother.

“She’d come in in the morning and look us in the eyes and say, ‘Git up!’” he recalls. “That just meant being productive, one with the world, being vertical and going to find something to do.”

“Now mind you, I was only five, and I had to take all this in,” he laughs. “Thank you, Grandma!” 

Look for Blanco to perform “The Git Up” during Thursday Night Football halftime tonight.

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