ABC/Mark LevineAfter a long wait, it looks like new music from Sam Hunt may finally be on the way.

Last weekend, after not posting much on Twitter and Instagram for some time, the Georgia native started sharing what seem to be song lyrics, along with nondescript photos of tools, a basketball goalhouses, a pink phone, and stoplights.

All together, the potential lyrics read, “I wanna introduce you to my kinfolks, to my old friends/To the house in the pines where the road ends/Take you to my hometown, where I grew up/Get Joanie on the phone, she’ll leave us on a light/I wanna take you home, not just take you home tonight.”

Stay tuned to see what comes next.

A little more than two weeks ago during his Bud Light House Party Tour, Sam told the audience new music was coming in about a month or so, with a new album on the way the “first of the year.”

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