This Billionaire Will Send A Single Lady To The Moon…Literally
The image follow me to Saturn 3D illustration. Structures are generated in 3d to the program

Guys, no pressure, but next time you offer to take your lady somewhere exotic know this: a Japanese billionaire is seeking a single woman to accompany him to the moon in 2023 via a SpaceX rocket.

Japanese businessman Yusuka Maezawa, who sold his online fashion company Zozo for over $3 billion, posted on Twitter that he’s looking for “a single woman in her twenties with a bright personality who is always positive” to go to the moon with him.  Maezawa’s search for his solar system soul mate will be featured on a Japanese TV show called “Full Moon Lovers”.

Single ladies have until January 17th to apply for a trip around the moon.  Oh, yeah, one other requirement; ladies must be cool with being shot into orbit at around 17,000 miles per hour.  Bring your Dramamine.

If you had a chance to go on a free date around the moon would you take it?

How much pressure would you feel on a date like that?

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