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You see this good lookin’ cat?  This is my brother.  My very own flesh and blood and the time has come for the ultimate sibling rivalry.  You see, the Red Raiders have made it to the Final Four for the first time in school history so this is not only a big moment for Texas Tech, but also the State of Texas, the City of Lubbock and everyone that lives here.  Reece (my brother) is a cocky little Michigan State fan so if the Red Raiders win on Saturday, he needs to be aggressively shamed.  I’ll explain:
1. He loves everything Texas….EXCEPT for Texas Tech.  This makes no sense considering his family is from here.
2. No one cares if State wins except for a small portion of the State of Michigan.
3.He will seriously be heartbroken if State loses.  Don’t get lost in his looks because they WILL fool you.  He’s an evil child of Satan so he needs his heart broken.  Not really, he’s a Christian and stuff but still.  He’s a child of Satan as of now.
Even considering ALLLLL of the above, I still love him.  Just not as much as I could.  Here is what is happening:  If the Red Raiders lose, I have to take a picture while holding a sign that says the following:
My little brother was right…GO MICHIGAN STATE.
This sign will be complete with the the Michigan State logo and posted to all platforms of social media.  Typical “I lost a bet” BS if you ask me but I didn’t come up with it!  This is where YOU come in.  I want your help as to what HIS sign should say if the Red Raiders win!  We have to be a little more creative than the above quote.  Also, we have to keep it clean and slightly classy.  Only slightly though.  Again, tag me or comment on the THIS Facebook page post.  Either on my page or KLLL’s.  Either way, we need to make sure he recognizes Tech if we beat one of the best basketball teams in the country.  WRECK ‘EM!
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