ABC/Mark LevineThomas Rhett‘s made no secret he’s a huge fan of pop music, and with his contemporaries like Maren MorrisKelsea Ballerini, and Dan + Shay crossing over, he confirms it’s just a matter of time until he dips his toes into the waters as well.

In fact, TR predicts it’ll happen in 2020.

“Over the years, especially coming to events like this and the Grammys, you do get to meet just a lot of really cool people,” he told ABC Audio on the red carpet at the American Music Awards. “And you strike up relationships, and you start writing with each other, and you get in the studio with each other.”

“So we’re just waiting on the right one I think,” he adds. “But hopefully next year, we get to do a pop collab for sure.”

So who would TR’s dream duet partner be?

“There’s a lot of people,” he explains. “Ed Sheeran‘s one of my favorites. I got to see Posty [Post Malone] today. Who knows, man? I think any and all would be really cool.”   

Right now, Thomas Rhett’s current country single, “Remember You Young,” sits at number three, as it closes in on number one. Meanwhile, his latest album, Center Point Road, is nominated for a Grammy next month.

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