Ticket To Ride


A police officer  was out patrolling his beat when he saw a car drive by with a blown-out window and expired tags. He knew he had to pull the car over.

Inside the vehicle was Ka’shawn Baldwin, a 22-year-old man who knew he shouldn’t be driving the car, but he had no other choice because he had to get to a job interview.

Baldwin apologized to Officer Roger Gemoules and explained that he needed the ride to get to his interview at FedEx. He thought for sure he was going to jail and would miss his interview, but Officer Gemoules said he had a change of heart.

“Something came upon me,” said Gemoules. “Whatever it was, God said, ‘Give him a little break,’ so that’s what I did.” Instead of giving him a ticket, he gave him a ride to his interview.

And the day had a happy ending because Baldwin got the job.

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