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Ryan Hurd‘s on the verge of having his first top-thirty hit with “To a T.” Appropriately, the romantic single about knowing your partner well features background vocals from his wife, Maren Morris.

The equally amorous video follows four different couples: a husband and wife who’ve been together more than fifty years, relative newlyweds expecting a baby, plus a same-sex couple and an interracial couple. Toward the end, Maren even FaceTimes her husband. 

“I don’t know, man. Love looks like a whole lot of different things,” Ryan says of the diverse portrayals in the clip. “So I was really proud to put this video out.”

“And it’s all shot on film, which I had never done before,” he adds. “And it was really just a special project to be a part of.”

Ryan reveals the house in the video looks a lot like the one he shares with Maren.

“We walked into that — where were my part of the video is shot, I was like, ‘Oh, this feels like my house,’” he tells ABC Radio. “So yeah, it’s not our house, but it’s very similar. We just wanted it to be as natural as possible.”

“We had the option to shoot it in our house,” he laughs, “and I said no, just because… video crews take up a lot of space. And I was like, ‘All right, we’ll just make it a house that looks like my house.’”

“To a T” is one of five songs on Ryan’s new EP, Platonic, which comes out September 20.

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