Uncle Sam may need YOU… to have more babies! According to the CDC, the US birthrate has hit a 32-year low amid a continued slump.

The number of births has declined each of the last four years – dropping 2% last year – with 3,788,235 babies born. Except for a slight baby bump for women in their late 30s and early 40s, birthrates among all demographics are down.

Officials first thought it was just the slumping economy but were perplexed when they didn’t see a rebound with better times today.

NPR reports would-be parents reacting to the news on social media point to many obstacles, including lacking of child care, high insurance costs, and lack of family leave. They also say that, while they acknowledge better economic times, their paycheck isn’t seeing it. Experts call it a national problem as the country experiences an aging workforce.


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