CurbThese days, Dylan Scott is a pretty big deal in his hometown of Bastrop, Louisiana, having shot the video for his latest hit, “Nothing to Do Town,” there.

“Well I feel like it at the moment,” he laughs. “You know, I wasn’t growing up. I was just a regular guy doing my thing.”

“We went back home to my hometown and didn’t tell anybody we were coming,” Dylan explains. “So when you watch that video and you see the diner scene, when we’re walking in the diner, nobody had a clue what was going on.”

“So that was all genuine, which is what I wanted to capture,” he adds. “I wanted to capture the real genuineness of it, and the small-town feel. And I think we did a pretty good job at it.”

Though he lives in Nashville now, Dylan says the new video’s prompted lots of the home folks to get in touch with him.

“I got a lot of messages and a lot of buzz about that, still get it, actually, just the fact that we came back and did a video there,” he says.

“Nothin to Do Town” is the title track of Dylan’s latest EP of original material. This summer, he also put out a collection of Keith Whitley covers, titled An Old Memory.

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