The Valory Music Co.You may have to watch Thomas Rhett‘s music video for “Remember You Young” a time or two to figure out exactly what’s happening. But once you do, it’ll move you as much as the song.

TR performs the song barefoot in a virtual hall of mirrors, as the camera follows the storyline of an elderly man. 

First, the older man is having breakfast in a diner and playing cards with his friends. Then he gets in his car, drives around town at night, and goes to his hotel room. 

All along the way, he continually spots the same dark-haired girl: she’s a waitress, she’s pushing a stroller, she’s having a soda with her boyfriend. 

The next morning, the old man gets up and drives to a scenic meadow, where a similarly-aged woman is standing looking out across a hillside. He walks up to her, and holds her hand — and she morphs into the younger woman he’s been envisioning.

Ultimately, as the song ends, he’s standing on the hillside alone, embracing an urn of ashes.

You can check out Thomas Rhett’s “Remember You Young” video on YouTube now. 

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