Orville Peck is obviously not a real cowboy.  Probably not even a country boy.  Probably doesn’t even like Whataburger but forget all of that.  Think about the artistry in this.  The good ol fashioned element of mystery.  Something country music has never REALLY had.  If you wear a mask and no one knows who you are, I’m in.  I don’t want to find out who you are either.  This guy reminds me of the band “Ghost”.  A masked Swedish rock band.  No one knew who Ghost was until a former band member revealed the front man to be Tobias Forge. I have watched a few of his other music videos and this one is most appropriate.  I’ll just say this…Orville Peck is EXTREMELY eccentric and this may not go over so well in the country music community.  That’s okay though!  He is opening a window for future artists to bring something different to country music.  Having a masked band that plays beer drinking, fightin’, honky tonkin’, dancing music is something I have always wanted to do.  Mostly because I am too chicken [email protected]# to do it with out a mask.  Midland came in hot by bringing a formula that had been missing for quite sometime.

He has to be an Illuminati with a hat like this…

I’ll be honest with you.  This is not music I would listen to in my truck simply because it’s not really my style.  It’s really good, but not my style.  However, I respect his artistry.  He seems to have been trained in operatically trained but I can’t prove that.  Mark my words, this mystery element thing will catch on in country music and it’s gonna be good.

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