Why Give?

“An outsider’s look at the KLLL CMN Radiothon”

by Sydney Holmes

Typically I can’t stand when people say babies are beautiful. I think they look like little misshapen pieces of bubble gum for their first week or so of life.

However, when I think about the kids involved in the Children’s Miracle Network, my thoughts are changed a bit. These children are gorgeous, strong, determined survivors. Sometimes I don’t even think of them as children, but more as fighters.

Working at the KLLL Radiothon, I have to admit, I was not thrilled. Mostly because I didn’t know what to expect, but, safe to say as an intern, I expected to be fetching a lot of coffee in the name of charity. I had no personal involvement or feeling toward the Radiothon, while everyone else at the station was putting every minute of their day toward it.

Then, I went to our station out at the South Plains Mall to help with phones and other intern-y things. It only took me a second to realize why everyone there was so passionate about what they were doing.

All it took was me sitting in on an interview with one of the miracle kids. I finally had a face, and a sweet, sweet personality to put with the sounds of the voices I had edited and heard so much that week. Apparently, I’m a visual learner because after that moment, I was smitten. I was snatching up any miracle kid I could find and hugging on babies like my youth depended on it.

I’ve never experienced a child as anything but healthy and playing. This event made me think of my sweet, crazy little cousin, Maren. I can’t imagine what I would do if she suddenly became sick. The idea of her tiny body in a hospital bed, hooked up to machines makes me sick to even think about. But, the idea that she would be sick without the proper tools to save her is something I can’t handle.

That’s why I finally felt connected to the Children’s Miracle Network and the KLLL Radiothon. It +finally made sense to me. Without the money and supplies provided to UMC through this event, these children would not have had the security of life. To think of a child’s life in jeopardy because of something as trivial as proper equipment seems like it should never happen, and yet it happens all the time. And these parents.

Those parents whose children are sick, and there’s nothing they are able to do to help them. I can’t imagine feeling so helpless. Everything comes down to properly trained doctors with the best equipment.

CMN and the Radiothon give the gift of security. It shows that you can feel secure if your child is in the hospital because there’s no better place to be than UMC. They are the best equipped and have the best doctors, so these children and their parents don’t need to feel so powerless, but instead confident that the doctors and nurses are doing all they can for the children.

A life should never be cut short because of lack of supplies, and thanks to CMN and the KLLL Radiothon, it never will.



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