Nicole Grimes of Pennsylvania has to be one of the luckiest people on the planet. At 4-years-old she received a puppy from her grandmother, a pomeranian-poodle crossbreed, she named Chloe.

After her Dad took another job that didn’t allow dogs, Nicole game up Chloe to the Washington Humane Society.

Seven years later after starting a family of her own, Nicole came across a post about a dog named Chloe that needed a new home. In her heart, Nicole felt like the dog could be the same as one as her childhood pooch.

After doing some research and a vet visit, Nicole learned that Chloe, who she had chipped prior to giving her to the Washington Humane Society, was, in fact, the same puppy she received from her grandmother at four.

Nicole’s story of getting her dog back is a miracle, when was the last time you experienced a miracle?

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