Last year, Susanne  lost her friend Amanda to  cancer.

To honor the memory of Amanda, Susanne wanted to brighten the days of others who were battling cancer, so she started a unique fundraiser involving handcrafted jewelry.

Susanne offered big, bold, beautiful earrings on her website. And for every pair of earrings purchased, Susanne donates another pair to cancer patients, which she hangs on special displays  called Amanda’s Trees  at medical centers.

The trees are full of these earrings and cancer patients are welcome to choose their favorites.

Amazingly, the fundraiser raised enough money to fill 26 trees with nearly 400 pairs of earrings.

The effort has been humbling for Susanne, as orders come in from all across the U.S. And, the effort has been great for those battling cancer, letting them know that they are being thought about and cared for.

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