Would You Rather Spend Time With Your Best Friend Or Your Spouse?

Would you rather spend time with your best friend or your spouse? According to a recent British survey, 50 percent of the women respondents chose their bff. Here are some of the reasons given:

We can talk about everything – 57 percent
She listens more – 45 percent
I can tell her things I could not tell my partner – 44 percent
We enjoy the same things – 41 percent
We laugh until we cry – 39 percent
I can truly be myself – 29 percent
We go back much further – 29 percent
She offers better advice – 28 percent
She is less irritating – 26 percent
We have much more in common – 25 percent
She has a better sense of humor – 19 percent
We go wild when we’re together — 18 percent
The survey also revealed that 30 percent of women said they prefer to have drinks with their friends and 60 percent said they have a better time if there are no men there. (Independent)



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