Yellowstone’s Cole Hauser Explains His Love For Hunting & Guns

Cole Hauser, who stars in Yellowstone, recently shared his passion for hunting and guns.  Cole said, “I am very open about hunting and gun ownership, even in Hollywood.”  He continued, “Listen, my right as an American is to own guns. Responsibility is a big deal to me.”  He added, “Have we as a community forgotten a little bit about responsibility? Possibly. But in my household, no. All of my children know how to shoot and handle firearms safely. They will always know how to shoot, and they will be able to protect themselves in every way they can. But gun ownership really all boils down to personal responsibility.”  Hauser continued, “I really don’t care. I think being an American and exercising our rights far outweighs my personal achievements and career goals … I have always felt go and be who you want to be as an American, and if you want to own firearms or go hunting, do it. Wherever it is, enjoy it. It is your right.”


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