ABC/Randy HolmesZac Brown Band‘s music video for their song “The Woods” is an “epic failure.” 

The eight-piece band has compiled several “fail” videos, set to the tune of the pop-leaning track. In the music video, the group showcases several clips of people in their most unflattering moments, whether falling down or even being attacked by wild animals. 

The video opens with three guys sticking a metal knife inside a toaster, causing it to explode, followed by multiple clips of daredevils falling face first as they attempt such stunts as a backflip and jumping over a row of chairs. 

Several other clips of failed stunts make the cut, including one snowboarder who crashes into a moving car, a rider getting thrown off a horse, and another being bucked off a camel’s back. 

“The Woods” video’s concept was inspired by lead singer Zac Brown‘s affinity for those who reject the fear of failure.

“I’m a fan of fails and people who just go for it, even if they stumble along the way. It’s a reminder to bust your a** when reaching for new, great things, because epic fails only come if you’re doing something truly epic,” Zac says.   

“The Woods” is featured on the band’s latest album, The Owl. 

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