It’s funny how this industry works.  2 weeks ago Florida Georgia Line made headlines with the worst album sales they have ever had.  We are talking about the kings of Bro-Country and that is exactly what this is!  Now the video has surfaced.  Zac Brown rapping.  It’s like the wizard behind the Curtain of Nashville made Zac Brown write and perform a rap song knowing that someone would record it.  All of this in hopes to revive what brought in a lot of chedddah.  Bro-Country.

That is probably not the case but I really enjoy thinking it is.  Zac Brown does a great job with this song!  Good rhymes, good lyrics, and so on.  This dude is an extremely talented musician and singer.  He is experimenting with other music and smashing up genres a little.  I’ll admit, I saw this coming a long time ago with the Sir Rosevelt collaboration.

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