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Yesterday Jeff received this Email


I’m reaching out to you in hopes of your help possibly locating a horse my family used to own. I will list some info and photos below. I can always provide more info and anything else you need, if this is maybe something you could help me with spreading the word.
My family sold Aramis to a friend in 2011, that friend ended up selling him to someone in 2015 in the Lubbock TX area but did not keep records of the new buyer. Aramis would be 23 years old now. He is a registered TB gelding (registered name is Special Day), about 16.1hh. Please take a good look at his markings. There is a small cash reward for the person who can lead me to finding his whereabouts, whether he’s currently alive or not. I loved this horse so much and I would LOVE to know what happened to him/where he ended up. Any info or potential leads would be greatly appreciated.
I know it’s random to receive an email like this but I’m reaching out to anyone and everyone I can. I’ve been searching for this horse for years. He might not be alive but I feel a deep need to know what happened to him and I know someone out there has that info.
Thank you,
Holly Hannon
You can find contact information by clicking these links :  Facebook   Instagram   or Email Holly at [email protected]
Help Us Find This Horse
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