Jacqueline Bisset’s Silver Screen Secrets: ‘Loren & Rose’ Unraveled

Join award-winning actress Jacqueline Bisset on Beyond the Mic with Sean Dillon Podcast as she discusses her latest film, ‘Loren & Rose,’ hailed as ‘the most beautiful film actress of all time.’ From her passion for the arts to the powerful impact of Kelly Blatz’s work on the movie, dive deep into the layers of this intriguing tale.
Discover the Rockin’ 8, where Jacqueline reveals why her cat Miss Kitty is the best and her dream co-star is none other than… Uncover her surprising favorite guilty pleasure and the moment she trashed Jean-Paul Belmondo’s room.
Don’t miss this exclusive interview with the incredible Jacqueline Bisset—get ready for a Beyond the Mic Short Cut!

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