Keith Urban admits that if he didn’t get sober his marriage to Nicole Kidman was in jeopardy. The 54-year-old battled alcohol and drug addiction early in the couple’s marriage and it was her intervention that saved him.   Urban last got help in 2006 when he checked into the Betty Ford Clinic in Los Angeles. ‘Night-time me hates daytime me, it’s so true. But the next morning night-time me is nowhere to be found — he’s totally unaccountable,’ Urban told The Sun.   Urban admitted to Oprah that he had “went off the rails,” but experienced so much love during his intervention, his only wish is that he had gotten sober earlier in his life, something he reflected on during 2018’s South By Southwest Conference.   Now, Urban is living the married life, which started in 2006. Keith and Nicole share two daughters, Sunday Rose, 13, and Faith Margaret, 11.


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