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Jeff Scott

Wake up with Jeff, Mudflap & the Gang

Who are Jeff, Mudflap & The Gang?


Photo by Sean A Dillon Graphics by Alpha Media USAJeff – is an energetic, witty, sometimes high-strung guy.  He attempts to be the voice of reason while juggling the unscripted, spontaneous content of the Jeff, Mudflap and The Gang cast.  He can be a little bold (or is that bald?) and a bit opinionated but he always means well. Jeff has a wife and three kids plus one dog.  He loves college football, golf, fly-fishing, disc golf and grilling.  He also collects antique radios and microphones.  Jeff’s dream was to be on the KLLL morning show so he is truly “living the dream”.


Always unpredictable, Jeff, Mudflap & the Gang will wake you up laughing every weekday morning on 96.3 KLLL.