This Man Ran Every Day for 850 Days

YouTuber Göran Winblad recently shared a video, which you can watch below, on his experience of running every day for 850 days.  In the video, Winblad described how his health was impacted by the runs.  “Even if it’s a short run, just 10 or 20 minutes, I do better work and I can keep focused for so much longer if I’ve had some physical activity to start the day,” Winblad said.  Winblad also gave caution to those starting out, saying, “When I started to run every single day I had already quite a lot over many years, so for somebody starting out running, I would for sure not recommend doing it daily, because running leads to quite high forces to your joints and muscles and tendons.”

Do you think you could run every day for over two years?


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