During a recent interview, Blake opened up about why he decided to leave ‘The Voice’ after 23 seasons.  He said, “I think I was close to calling it a day right when COVID hit. And then, because of COVID, I didn’t want to walk away from the show and leave everybody in a bind. I mean, this show changed my life. I’ll stay here until the world kind of gets back to normal again.”  He continued by saying the show has obviously had huge impacts on both his personal life and career.  “I met my wife on this show. It’s changed my life in every way it possibly can. When I came on as a coach on this show, I mean, everything in my life was turned upside down, and in a good way, you know? This has been incredible, but it’s time, you know. It’s time for what’s next. A little bit of nothing would be nice.”  His final season of ‘The Voice’ premieres Monday, March 6, on NBC.


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