From the Huddle to Success: Jerry Kramer’s ‘Run to Win’ Revealed

Have you ever listened to a story that left you feeling like you could conquer the world? Our latest podcast episode does just that, featuring none other than NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Kramer. Kramer, a guard for the iconic Green Bay Packers under the legendary Vince Lombardi, takes us on a journey through his life, his triumphs, and the lessons learned along the way.

His new book, “Run to Win,” serves as a backdrop to our conversation, which took him a couple of years to write. But what stands out in this episode isn’t just the chronicles of a football legend; it’s the human spirit that Kramer embodies. He shares anecdotes that are as relatable as they are inspiring, such as his candid interaction with Frank Sinatra, revealing a side of vulnerability even in the face of stardom.

Kramer talks about the qualities that Lombardi instilled in his players, qualities that transcend the football field—preparation, commitment, consistency, discipline, pride, character, tenacity, and grit.

One of the most heartfelt segments is when Kramer reflects on the significant people in his life, especially Coach Lombardi, with whom he shared a rocky start but eventually developed a profound relationship. He also touches on personal challenges, like losing vision in his left eye, but with a resilience that’s nothing short of admirable.

What truly makes this episode a must-listen is the wisdom Kramer imparts. His message is clear: success is not just about what you achieve on the field, but also about how you apply those lessons to life. His philosophy, “You can if you will,” is a powerful call to action for anyone striving for greatness in any aspect of life.

So, if you’re looking for motivation, a touch of nostalgia, and a real-life example of what it means to “run to win,” this episode with Jerry Kramer is your perfect play. Listen now, and let the story of a true champion inspire you to chase your dreams with the same fervor as a ’67 Packer charging down the field.

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