Gwen Stefani Says Blake Shelton ‘Has Changed My Life’

Gwen Stefani recently shared more about her personal life and how much she loves being married to Blake Shelton.  Stefani said, “When I was young, I’d walk home from school and see my mom in her shorts doing her gardening, and my dad would be cutting the trees and make me pick up the branches. I’d be like, ‘I’m never having a tree at my house.'”  She continued, “When we get to Oklahoma, we’re constantly working — and it’s a different kind of work. It’s probably what my mom was doing back in the day, and now I get it!”  She added, “I didn’t see any of this coming with Blake. This was just a big old ‘What?’ It was an amazing gift to experience love like that for the first time.”  Gwen continued, “He’s changed my life … when I [started dating] Blake, that’s when I felt home, like, ‘Oh, this is where I’m supposed to be, with this guy.”

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