Jana Kramer Reveals How She’s Dealing With Nausea In Her Third Pregnancy

Jana Kramer is pregnant with her third child and talked about her experience with nausea and morning sickness in an Instagram Q&A.  The 39-year-old singer and former One Tree Hill star is pregnant with her first child with fiance Allan Russell. She has two kids with her ex, Mike Caussin.  Jana talked about her nausea and shared her current diet. “In the first trimester, I couldn’t really stomach anything but a bagel and cream cheese, and now the thought of a bagel and cream cheese makes me want to vomit.”  Kramer also cut sugar from her diet. “Also, I just want salads all the time [and] things that are not too heavy,” she wrote in her response. “I really wish I could eat fries or warm things, but that sounds awful to me. Also, I can’t drink flat water, or that makes me want to puke too. So, I have lots of bubbly [water].”

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