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Jaylee Gandy has released her third single titled “Little Things”. The song co-written by Jaylee Gandy and Sofie Lynn was produced by Grammy winning writer, producer, and film composer, Femke.

The song will remind you of an old relationship and the moment you knew it was time to move on. Gandy playfully lays it all out on the table with lyrics like, “Your arm’s around me, it gets too heavy. It’s nice when you hold my hand, but yours is just a little too sweaty for me.”

“Little Things is a really special song to me! I think it is so different from the other two songs that I have released, and I am so excited to see what all this song accomplishes in the future,” Jaylee says. “I’m in love with the upbeat tempo, and just can’t wait for everyone to finally hear the song!”

“Little Things” is the third song Jaylee premiered RIGHT HERE on 96.3 KLLL.

If you love “Hand Me Downs” and “Down The Road” you’ll love this new song just the same.

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