Laughing Through Life: Brad Upton

Comedy is a craft that often takes a lifetime to perfect, and few know this better than the seasoned stand-up comedian Brad Upton. On the latest episode of our podcast, Brad takes us on a journey beyond the microphone, sharing insights from his remarkable transition from track coach to comedy star.

In an industry where the pandemic has turned laughter into a cherished commodity, Brad reveals how he sidestepped the Zoom show trend, opting instead to let the internet work its magic. His candid reflections on the virtual comedy scene offer a unique perspective on the creative resilience of performers during unprecedented times.

Brad’s storytelling is peppered with anecdotes from his early days in comedy, where a 200-mile drive to the nearest open mic night in Seattle was just the beginning of his comedic odyssey. The thrill of his first successful set is a testament to the power of taking risks and the euphoria of finding one’s calling.

Listeners will be captivated by Brad’s musings on the art of clean comedy, his admiration for fellow comedians who can turn clever writing into an explosive laugh.

But it’s not just the laughter that makes Brad’s story compelling. His reflections on life’s more serious moments, such as his wife’s battle with cancer and his own heart attack, reveal the depth of character behind the humor. These experiences have not only influenced his comedy but also reshaped his outlook on life, making him appreciate every moment on and off the stage.

As Brad discusses his latest comedy special, “I’m Not Done Yet,” it’s clear that his passion for making people laugh is as strong as ever. Whether reminiscing about throwing dodgeballs at fourth graders or marveling at the beauty of walled cities like Dubrovnik, Brad’s zest for life shines through.

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