Now Maren Morris Is Trying To Claim She Never Left Country

Remember when Maren Morris said that “country music” was rotten at its roots and she was leaving the genre and burning the bridge behind her?

It’s just a few months later, and Morris seems to be backpedaling on those intentions. In a recent appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon the night before the CMA Awards, Morris acted like we were all just imagining things.

“I wrote these two songs ‘The Bridge’ and ‘Get The Hell Out of Here,” and I felt like I was just leaving some things in country music behind that didn’t really serve me anymore,” Morris said. “And so, it felt like calling it ‘The Bridge’ felt like the step to the next thing, whatever that is.”

Morris continued, “Yeah. I don’t think it’s something you can really leave because it’s a music that’s in me. It’s what I grew up doing. It’s the music I write, even if I’ve been sort of genre fluid my whole career. You can’t scrub the country music out. It was very hyperbolic. You know, headlines are different than the things you say.”

What do you think of Morris’ most recent comments?

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