Reba McEntire Sure Knows How To Spoil Her Granddogs

Reba McEntire’s son Shelby Blackstock and his wife Marissa are the proud “paw-rents” of two spoiled dogs, a husky named Belle and a corgi named Watson.  Reba recently spoke about her granddogs and how she loves to spoil them, “I am the spoiler. Shelby let me keep Watson one time, and he said, ‘Now here’s his treats.'”

She continued, “And it was a two-day stay at my house. When Shelby got back, he said, ‘Okay, so how much treats are left?’ I said, ‘Oh, we ran out yesterday.'”  She added, “He said, ‘Mom, that was supposed to last him for the week!’ I was like, ‘Oh, Lord.'”


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