Tim McGraw Confesses To His Favorite Cheat Meals

Tim McGraw spoke with ET Canada’s Morgan Hoffman on a broad range of topics, including his love of Cocoa Puffs and his wife’s Southern cuisine, as he gets ready to release his new album, Standing Room Only.  McGraw said about his favorite cheat meals, “Ah, Southern Food. I mean, my wife’s Southern cooking! She’ll cook anything, but my cheat meal is usually peas, cornbread, collared greens, pork chops, fries and gravy.”  He added about his favorite dessert, “Coca-cola cake.”  He continued, “I love Cocoa Puffs. My wife can tell when I get up in the middle of the night because I leave a trail of Cocoa Puffs all over ’cause I overfill my bowl!”

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