Touchdowns and Testimonies: Coach Denny Duron on “God, Family, Football” on Freevee

“When you love these men and you love them enough to discipline them, you love them enough to tell them a truth… It changes their life in some way.”

Join Sean Dillon for an exclusive conversation with Denny Duron, head coach of the Evangel Eagles and star of Amazon Freevee’s “God. Family. Football.” Discover why Duron returned to coaching and how he instills the motto of “God, Family, Football” in his players’ lives. Plus, get insights into Duron’s life, from coaching NFL hopefuls to his favorite Bible verse. Don’t miss this inspiring conversation with the man behind the series, only on this Beyond the Mic Short Cut.

Beyond the Mic with Sean Dillon is the conversation series where actors, artists, authors, and more go deeper than a traditional interview. They go “Beyond the Mic”.

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