Wireless Wonders Unveiled: Inside ‘Beyond Everywhere’ with Greg Ennis

In a world where being constantly connected is not just a luxury but a necessity, the story of Wi-Fi’s inception is as fascinating as it is important. In our latest podcast episode, we sit down with Greg Ennis, a pivotal figure in the development of the technology that revolutionized the way we access information and connect with each other.

Ennis takes us on a journey through the high-stakes world of tech innovation, where FBI stings and international trade negotiations intertwine with the development of a technology now integral to our daily lives. His book, “Beyond Everywhere,” delves into the tales that shaped Wi-Fi, including the ones too wild to make it into print.

Through his engaging narrative, Ennis reveals the hurdles overcome by his team as they raced against giants like IBM to create the most beloved technology of our time. He shares behind-the-scenes insights into the intense negotiations that brought Wi-Fi to China, a market that almost slipped from their grasp.

But it’s not just about the past. Ennis also provides a glimpse into the future, discussing upcoming Wi-Fi technologies that promise to transform our experience in public spaces like sports stadiums, enabling dense, high-speed connectivity that will let fans watch replays and share moments in real time.

His passion for Wi-Fi is palpable as he recounts 30 years of involvement, from drafting the initial technical specification to watching Wi-Fi devices become ubiquitous. It’s a tale of triumph, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of connectivity that has ultimately improved the lives of billions.

Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, an aspiring innovator, or simply curious about the invisible threads that link our world, this episode is a must-listen. Discover the untold stories behind the wireless networks that underpin our modern existence and the visionaries who brought them to life. Tune in to be inspired by the history and excited for the future of Wi-Fi. Listen to our conversation with Greg Ennis and find out why Wi-Fi is more than just a technology—it’s a phenomenon that has shaped our society and our very way of life.

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